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Virginia Woolf

I have been enthralled with the work of Viriginia Woolf--a fan, if you will--since I first read her novel To The Lighthouse, in college . . . many years ago. Since then, I have collected nearly every work in her vast oeuvre, and have devoured the bits and pieces I could find on her, in libraries, bookstores, magazines, journals, collections, and websites. Unfortunately, I have found very little time to read all her works, in their entirety, but I have her on the In Between column of my to-be-read list and I do pick up a title now and again, when I have a little extra cash and a nearby bookstore happens to have something in stock that I don't currently own.

This little section, then, is my humble homage to Mrs. Woolf and her work. This list consists of all her works in print, with notations to those reviewed here, and those still on the top of the to-be-read list. I may have a few out of order, or some distinctions transposed... or there might be a title I am missing here; do forgive any oversight. I will correct mistakes as they are found, but still, this is just a little reference for those wondering where to start investigating this wonderful and prolific artist. Do read on, and I hope you find something you like.


*Melymbrosia 1913-1914
(I have recently read this interesting early version of her first novel [The Voyage Out--see below], but have not yet reviewed it.)

#The Voyage Out, 1915
Her first novel.

Kew Gardens, 1918

#Night And Day, 1919 (actually, her second novel)

Monday or Tuesday, 1921

#Jacob's Room, 1922 (her third novel)
(I've lately read this awesome book, but have not yet had a chance to write up the review; do bear with me).
Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Brown, 1924

#Mrs. Dalloway, 1925

To The Lighthouse, 1927

*Orlando: A Biography, 1928
Her great historical tongue-in-cheek novel.

*The Waves, 1931

Flush, 1933

*The Years, 1937

*Between the Acts, 1941
Her final novel.

Short story collections:
*A Haunted House and Other Short Stories, 1944

Or: The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf, editted by Susan Dick, circa 1985
(have completed reading the early works; full review may be written upon finishing full text--but early works are very good, and kernels of vw style abound. :)).

Some published post-humously

The Common Reader: First Series, 1925

#A Room of One's Own, 1929

Letters to a Young Poet, 1932

The Common Reader: Second Series, 1932

*Three Guineas, 1938

The Death of the Moth and Other Essays, 1942

The Moments and other Essays,1947

The Captain's Death Bed and Other Essays, 1950

Granite and Rainbow, 1958 (?)

*Mrs. Dalloway's Party, 1973

*Moments of Being, 1976

*Books And Portraits, 1977

*The Pargiters: The Novel-essay portion of The Years., 1977

Women and Writing

*The Letters of Virginia Woolf, Six Volumes.

And there have been various biographies of her published over the years, not to mention the... rather contentious fictious and historically inaccurate The Hours that has recently created such a fervor for Mrs. Woolf's novel Mrs. Dalloway. We can only hope that the interest thus sparked continues for many successful years.


*On the To Be Read list; #reviewed here previously).

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