And now, for something a little different... Are you looking for something with a little more class and panache? Something that gives you characters and authors that really have something to say besides laying out plot, character, and action, at the expense of ::cough:: theme? Then here is your section. Listed below will be novels and authors that the snob-class college-educated refer to as classics. But don't be turned off by this description, don't scamper away just because the title is CLASSICS, there are some extraordinary works within this subgenre of Literature to be experienced, and you can take my word for that, as a very picky reader. Long-time visitors should know by now that I do not recommend novels and authors lightly. These are what I consider to be the best under the heading of classics. It's a new and under construction section, so expect it to grow in the coming months. Give these a try; you may find something here you like!

A Review of Virginia Woolf's 1925 classic
Mrs. Dalloway

A Review of Mary Shelley's 1818 classic

A Review of Virginia Woolf's 1929 classic
A Room of One's Own

Great Links on Virginia Woolf

A Review of Isak Dinesen's 1937 classic
Out of Africa

A Review of Edith Wharton's 1905 classic
The House of Mirth

A Review of Virginia Woolf's 1915 classic
The Voyage Out

A Review of Henry James' 1877 classic
The American

More to come...

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