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Welcome. I see you've enjoyed our little collection of homes; wonderful! The following are our weekly vote needs. There are quite a few here; but you need not vote for all. Any will be greatly appreciated.

this adorable clock was adopted at Pooh Center

Please pay attention to the vote times: BOTA: Monday-Thursday 12AM-11:59PM CST; Fairy Musings/Rumbles/Webtown/Wild Frontier: Monday-Thursday, 12AM-11:59PM EST;
Triple Ace 12 AM-10PM EST; Heart N Soul: 12AM-10PM Central; Little Dragon Castle: 12AM-11:59PM Monday- Friday;

Our sites:
(You are invited! :))
Immortal Grace
Raven Queen's Domain

All links, above and below, have been updated. Both links below are upper levels; votes there would be greatly appreciated, as any votes at any of these links are. :) Thanks so much for all your support!

For the week of June 10, 2007.

For Raven Queen's Domain
Non-VE votes.

Fairy Musings

Little Dragon Castle

Thanks for your support; and please remember, if you have our sites saved or linked anywhere, you'll need to change those links to reflect our new urls. :)And for the moment, do forgive any broken images and links you might run across. :) Thank you all.
Triple Ace: Legends and Myth;TSM Mini-comp; Rumbles

optional topsites for all of our sites can be found here
Miscellaneous awards:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Thanks so much for voting for us!

Please consider voting for a few, if you have the time. :)

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updated June 7, 2007

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