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The Cougar Club, by Susan McBride
(my reading copy provided by Avon Books)

I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with best selling author Susan McBride, and reading her latest novel--her first in the women's fiction genre--The Cougar Club. So, I wanted to share my thoughts on that book for you.

To be succinct, I loved it! :) The novel tells the story of three friends, Kat, Carla and Elise, who have been out of touch for a while, until the wayward, NY-living Kat, catches her boyfriend with his pants down and decides, it's time to make a fresh start. And heads home to St. Louis. Carla has problems too, though she's a popular TV news anchor, her station manager/ex-husband has plans for her coveted chair. Elise, seemingly the most stable of the three women, finds out her marriage isn't as stable as she expected. Poor girls... Collectively they’re beginning to wonder, what the heck are they, at forty and suddenly facing a new threshold, looking into what seems to be a minefield of upheaval, going to do to straighten out their lives? One thing’s for sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, even if most of them are under forty—or in some cases, decidedly gay. As the three reconnect, some threads of their lives start to pull back together, as others fray a little more. But with the right attitude, and shoulders to lean on, maybe they’ll decide this being forty thing isn’t so bad after all.

For more on Susan McBride you may check out the guest blog she did at my book blog recently. That's here. And of course, do check out her website for more info and to keep up on what Susan's doing these days.

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