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This page before you contains our favorite inspirational writerly quotes.

Concerning the unmistakable James Joyce. If you've ever tried James Joyce, you'll like this. ::shakes out scroll:: Quote:

"Why don't you write books people can read?"

Nora Joyce, to her husband James

Too cute, huh? ;o)


And now, from the inimitable Virginia Woolf!

On writer's block:

"Yesterday morning, I was in despair... I couldn't screw a word from me; and at last dropped my head in my hands: dipped my pen in ink and wrote these words, as if automatically, on a clean sheet: Orlando, a Biography. No sooner had I done this than my body was flooded with rapture and my brain with ideas..."

Virginia Woolf, letter, October 9, 1927,


On creation in the 1920s?
"... So I have to create the whole thing afresh for myself each time. Probably all writers now are in the same boat. It is the penalty we pay for breaking with tradition, and the solitude makes the writing more exciting though the being read less so. One ought to sink to the bottom of the sea, probably, and live alone with ones words."

~Virginia Woolf, 1926?


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