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Here I am (maybe once again with just tolerable allowance from my Artist ;o)) to hand out just a few more little thoughts. As ever, I doubt your Artist reacts the same way, but then again, who knows?

~The Muse


We all know how Artists can be: Moody, ungrateful little wretches! ::Muse eyes the Artist:: Then again, you must admit sometimes they do drive themselves too hard. So what do you do when your little Artist is an overachiever?

Well, says the Artist, sometimes that is the only way to succeed.

I will concede that, says the Muse. But you do not have to compose and produce your version of War and Peace, or the Sistine Ceiling all in one day, my darling. You can, of course, pace yourself. Who knows? The finished product,as you think you see it today, may not be the actual finished product.

::Artist eyes the Muse:: I will concede that.

And so too, will you agree that you may not have a complete handle on the situation in a day, week, a year's time?

Yes, says the Artist, I will even agree to that. And so what is your point, my dear?

My point, darling one, is that you cannot rush a work of art. Nor can you rush yourself. Do that, and you will possibly block yourself, or at the worst, turn out an inferior piece, and as a Muse, I can tell you such drivel does not reflect well on Me. Certainly you may think you have something of quality, and you may be overly-excited about it and sure the world will enjoy it; but you know that feeling of hesitancy? The one that is telling you it or you, yourself, may not be good enough?

Well, as a Muse, I can tell you, I've had to battle with that, myself. My Artist has had her moments and things she would just as soon feed to the shredder as to show it to you--

Oh, now, says the Artist, did you have to tell them that?

::Muse studies Artist:: Well, it is true, darling.

Of course it is; but still...

My point is, says the Muse, in my opinion, it is better to let your art breathe, pace yourself, as it were. Only then can you return to your work and see it with a fresh eye and realize for yourself its true soft spots and its little nuggets of beauty. When you find them, nuture them, for they are the true keys to the beauty you've laid down, for all the world to see.

©Webmistress (Ok, OK, and her Muse--sheesh!), February 2003

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