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Welcome. Are you wondering what this section is all about? Well, quite frankly, so am I! My darling patron opened this section to allow Me to speak My Mind, and so I shall. :) For once, she's letting me do the talking. I'm just warming up, but I think this room will contain a lot of things, all of it, though, will pertain to Moi (being if you haven't guessed, a Muse), to My mystical thoughts, to any ole weird thing that pops into My head. So consider this a disclaimer, I believe this will be suitable for all ages--I insist on that; there shall be no profanity here, just deep thoughts, so to speak. Sometimes they may be of the mystical kind, who knows? I am a Muse, though, so if you, however, wish not to enter these sections with an open mind and the willingness to let others follow their own paths, then by all means you are quite welcome to move on to one of the many other sections of my darling's home: Raven Queen's Domain.

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Updated July 12, 2004