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Well, with the growing archive, My dear Artist thought we might need to arrange things, around here, so what you see before you is an index of our thoughts. :o) Poke around each, as you wish, and enjoy! We'll be adding more, soon.

Essays list:

Artistic Thoughts #1:

Titled Beginings, it is a look at what I, a Muse, think of the subject of Beginings, a little strange, I grant you, but I am a Muse, after all.

Artistic Thoughts #2:

Titled Music to Soothe a Muse, it is just a small essay on the kinds of music that works for me and my Artist.

Artistic Thoughts #3:

Well, Someone decided this essay was too long, and so we effectively lost it!!!!!!!!! ::Muse Screams:: Of course that had to be the best one. Oh, well. That's the way life is, for a Muse.

Artistic Thoughts #3.1:

Titled Do Not Disturb, this little essay is just a slight ... Musing on the state of the favorite Muse haunt, the Bookstore. Something that really bugs the heck out of us. Do read, and see if you agree (or not), Muses darlings.

Artistic Thoughts #4:

Titled Pace Yourself, this one is just a small little essay on how best to compose your thoughts and excitement, in approaching the true "doneness" of your art. Not much, just a little thought. Enjoy, darlings!

Artistic Thoughts #5

Titled On Art and Sources, this essay is a small ponderance on the argument of how much research is too much, or how little too little, in regards to preparing a story. Enjoy, my darling Muses!

That's it for now, darlings. There will be more added, as we think of them, so do check back, now and again.

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