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Yes, I've become somewhat obsessed with the works of Jane Austen these days. I happened to get a copy of The Jane Austen Book Club, on top of viewing the Masterpiece Theatre's The Complete Jane Austen all year (thus far) and that was it. Had to do a re-read. So far, Sense and Sensibility is my favorite, followed closely by Pride and Prejudice, but as I move along in the *cough* Complete Jane Austen (that book that could probably stop a speeding train, were it placed just so on the tracks. LOL) I'm sure that will be added to. Here then is just a long list of sites concerning Miss Austen's great works. My reviews of her works are to be found elsewhere around here. :) Do poke around to each, and enjoy.

Jane Austen and more...
And now, who isn't getting into Jane Austen, at the moment, (thanks to PBS). So to add to the mayhem of research, here's a few good sites on the illustrious author:

Austen Quotes

An Austen Resource site.

Pride and Prejudice links
Pride And Prejudice An annotated full e-ext

Spark Notes: Pride and Prejudice guide

ClassicNotes: Pride and Prejudice Study Guide

Visit Pride and Prejudice country
Tours around Chatsworth (Pemberley), and Lincolnshire.

Vocabulary from Pride and Prejudice
Yes, actual vocabulary words. :) A helpful little study page for high school(? I'd say middle to high school, myself) students.

Pride and Prejudice
Another e-text and just a little background on the writing of the novel.

Sense and Sensibility:
GradeSaver: ClassicNotes: Sense and Sensibility Study Guide

The Sense and Sensibility Screenplays by Emma Thompson.

Masterpiece Theatre: Sense And Sensibility

Miscellaneous Austen
AustenBlog . . . she’s everywhere

Only a Novel

Austen Still

Austen Icons

And a few quizzes
I am Marianne! I am Elizabeth Bennet!
Take the Quiz here!

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