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Welcome to the Abode of
Bran's Handmaiden, the Raven Queen

Enter the Raven Queen's Domain

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Raven Queen's Domain, Immortal Grace, A Muse's Rest, Castle Sessrumnir, The Library of Artemis-Diana, All personal essays and retellings of Celtic, Norse, and Greco-Roman mythology; re-tellings of Bran's Myths (eg Branwen, Daughter of Llyr, from The Mabinogion), and Arthurian Legends copyrighted to the webmistress; subsequent outside links (Eg. articles on Irish, Norse, Greco-Roman and Medieval and Renaissance and pop culture, myth and poetry), and all art and graphics thereof used on this site, all book reviews and essays on Medieval and Renaissance art, and Gothic Horror, unless otherwise indicated, copyright 2000-2007 to the Raven Queen and her staff; all outside linked Celtic, Norse and Greco-Roman observations, all graphics copyrights belong to the various authors and artists and their work is used with respect.

Art above by J. Leyendecker, 1916